The People's Coalition is an organization founded to fight the causes and struggles of Black citizens of Aurora, IL. We were born in the wake of the of the murder of George Floyd in 2020. Our goal and mission is to breakdown economic and social injustices that effect Black people directly in Aurora, IL. In addition, we are an umbrella organization with multi-race allies. We support our allies in their individual fights for justice as well.

Photo credit: Steve Rodriguez

Fighting for social and economic justice.

Photo credit: Steve Rodriguez

Our Mission

The People's Coalition (TPC) is a people-powered, mass movement building, organizing federation with the purpose of empowering the black community.


We recognize the necessity for collective solidarity across organizations and movements to enact lasting change. Through an intersectional framework, mutual aid, and mass movements, we aim to build collective power, advocate for transformative policy, serve our communities, and combine different causes and struggles.


We are a federation of various organizations, and individuals working towards social and economic justice. TPC supports, builds, and connects people and organizations working towards revolutionary change in their communities.

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Photo credit: Steve Rodriguez

Photo credit: Steve Rodriguez

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Our Vision

The People’s Coalition vision is simple --  healthy, prosperous, and safe communities where democratic control exists of its resources and policing.


We aim to work so that historically marginalized, colonized people become politically engaged and mature. We endeavor to form alliances within our federation to generate people-powered movements to empower everyday folks to take complete control of their local and state politics. We aspire to build a society that meets the desires and needs of its people.


We believe this can only be accomplished by the abolition or radical transformation of the prevailing colonial institutions in place, and we believe the process to achieve this is through exposing the contradictions of society through discourse, mutual aid, and political education. Hunger, houselessness, state violence, subpar education, and other societal ills are produced by an economic system that prioritizes profit over people. 


The chief concerns of TPC are Black and African people’s struggles in particular, but all marginalized people’s struggles in general whom we recognize as our allies and will fight alongside with for justice. 


In struggle, with love

The People’s Coalition

Photo credit: Steve Rodriguez

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